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I am filled with both a heightened responsibility and sense of pleasure and genuine satisfaction as I write this forward to you. I share with you the sense of accomplishment that comes from being a significant part of creating many businesses that make us all proud today. Beyond the fact that all of them touch people’s lives, what truly stands out is that this achievement could only have been possible because of the outstanding contributions made by all of you. That’s why so many people say, "Amit, you have some exceptional people."

Over the years, these values have become second nature to us, and now we have diligently chiseled them into “The Vision International Educational Consultants” - a guide that reflects our passion to excel, create new benchmarks, and get work done in the right way. Our beliefs and operating culture have been the cornerstone of our way of life for many years. Through 'The Vision International Educational Consultants way, we are distilling them into a set of values that are crisp, easy to understand, and actionable. You could also see them as the organisation’s behaviour compass.
Therefore, it is important for all of us—our leaders, new recruits, and employees—that we live and breathe these values to ensure that our every action is mindful of them. In fact, I see each one of you as ambassadors of our Group’s value and work culture. Please take these simple and common expressions seriously and don’t take anything for granted.
I assure you that the clearer we are about what leads to success and what works in the current times, the more prepared we will be for personal and organisational achievements, as the two must have a great meeting point.

Best wishes and most warmly,

Adv. Amit Anand

B. Pharma, PGDBA (UK), LLB